Sharing different types of sexy love doll sex off campus

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Posted on August 30, 2022

Sharing different types of sexy love doll sex off campus

real TPE love doll

One day, less than a month after the new semester started, a gorgeous pink stage suddenly appeared in the dormitory area near the campus. Mainly written on the signboard is the most beautiful classmate in your fantasy. This means that we can better understand our ideal mate based on the expression of a man, which means that it can better help him get the woman of his dreams.

And under the signboard, there are ten real silicone sex dolls, and each TPE girl will be surrounded by a lot of flowers, some standing, some sitting, posing some cute poses.Every love doll There are different faces, hairstyles, outfits and looks. The most curious thing is that they wear various school uniforms, and there is a sign on the chest with each doll’s information: name, age, height and personal preferences.

It looks fun with 15 school uniform flowers paired with a white shirt and plaid miniskirt. Friends who want to participate in this activity can install a special APP on their smartphone, scan the QR code on the front of the school flower, and touch it for 5 minutes. The event host begins to prepare gifts for the attendees. For a time, the scene was almost crowded with all the boys in the school except the teacher, and some curious female students kept asking about the situation there.

Unexpectedly, the promoters of the event began to worry about the number of gifts they prepared. They even worry about these cute students wanting these beautiful silicone sex dolls. Sure enough, suddenly a humorous boy started to propose, we want a doll, what to do?

The organizer has to explain that these really cheap sex dolls are not gifts, but if necessary, they can be purchased at designated locations. The classmates who heard the news began to stir, because they were also curious about how realistic these sexy and cute TPE sex dolls are. I didn’t expect that the boys had a strong interest in these cheap love dolls, even more than the gifts carefully prepared by the organizer. And they also achieved the purpose of the activity, to understand which types of lover dolls are more popular, and to solve problems for those boys.