Ultra-high-quality artificial intelligence smart sex dolls will help more people

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Posted on August 28, 2022

Ultra-high-quality artificial intelligence smart sex dolls will help more people

real TPE love doll

This machine can mass-produce the intelligent equipment system, allowing you to place the eyes and chest of the true love doll as you like. The market for adult products, including lifelike sex dolls, continues to grow as men are unable to reach their partners. It is said that more and more people around the world are beginning to discover the benefits of these sexy silicone girls, and the market is still expanding. It is becoming a huge market for the world to pay attention to.

The company has developed a new ultra-high-quality intelligent love doll, and according to people’s wishes, it has become a hot topic and attracted much attention.

According to related reports, the world’s most advanced high-performance couple dolls are currently developed by a Chinese WM brand manufacturer known for producing the highest-end TPE. According to the company, the product is not only equipped with an artificial intelligence chip, but can also carry out conversations and handle household chores by connecting to WiFi-enabled appliances. A multifunctional artificial intelligence robot that is really convenient for people to use.

Two years ago, the company has been developing an intelligent robot silicone doll equipped with artificial intelligence, which has been successfully sold. It sells for about $3,200 and produces and sells about 450 smart dolls per month. They are also customizable, and buyers can customize skin tone, bust, hairstyle, eye color, height, and more.

You can buy high-quality smart love dolls from the RealSexLoveDoll.com sex doll store, and overseas orders such as Europe and the United States have been overwhelmed. People want to improve the performance of the product and use it in the medical field, such as the elderly living alone, the sick and the disabled. More and more manufacturers are also constantly striving to improve their work.